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We want to tell you some of the things we have done with some friends that have chosen our services :

-Enrique , Octavio , Nancy y Edith from Mexico
asked us to show them around the traditional touristic points and among them they visited the following neighborhoods :
La Boca , San Telmo , Recoleta , Puerto Madero and the Delta of Tigre , they were delighted with those beautiful places they visited .

-With Evandro and Simone from Brazil , who are so keen on the far oriental culture , we went to chinatown , japanese garden and we tried sushi in a chinese restaurant thus going deeper into this ancient culture .

-As regards Iván , Cecilia and their children Rodrigo and Carolina from Chile , we designed a special children's outing and took them to "parque de la costa "( amusement park), to the Buenos Aires ZOO and videogame exhibit "infinition". The children were the protagonists .

-We went with a very nice French couple Gerard and Chantal , expert dancers in 2 * 4 movements to many tango shows. We followed Gardel steps and we even helped them to buy tango shoes so that they could wear them in their Paris milongas .
Congratulations!!! We hope more french will folllow suit. It's a real passion!

-With Doménico , an italian soccer fan and sports adventure , we watched a match of Boca Juniors (soccer team) and saw how well he in "kite surf " in the River Plate waters . So much adrenaline!!!! Also a polo match in Palermo and before he left a rugby match . He's allways for more and more sports.

La Boca neighborhood          English tower

-Alan , an english businessman
, asked us to make a quick tour of the city that would show the english influence in Buenos Aires. Among other places we took him to the Torre de los ingleses (english tower).

-With Magdalena and Nathaly from Ecuator
we got useful information and we visited many schools of gastronomy for their future professional career. Good luck in your choice and we expect to try one day delicious meals prepared by you!

-Tamara , a history teacher from Madrid
, went on a tour of museums , libraries , historical monuments , conferences and the famous book fair where she could learn and understand Latin American and Argentinian history.

-Acompanied by Rui and Fatima , a portuguese couple and very christian
, we visited churches and we went to the thematic park " Tierra santa " (holy land). They were very much touched to see the biggest manger in the world.

-Jose luis and Roselyn , future husband and wife from Venezuela
, went shopping with us.

They were looking for one of those special designs that are sold in Palermo Hollywood to decorate their future house . We went to buy some jackets for their future honey -moon in Bariloche. Happy new life!!!!

-With Bob , an american devoted to agricultural activities
, we visited the "Exposicion rural" (Rural exhibition) , getting to know the cattle breeding market and assisting to a "peña folklorica" (gathering of people for singing , dancing argentinian folklore songs of the provinces and eating typical food). He left with a better contact with the Argentinian Rural world.

-With Wilby , Ramon and Johany from Republic Dominicana
we went on a tour of Buenos Aires with public bus and metro to neighborhoods , parks , and commercial centers to give a closer look at every day porteño (natural of Buenos Aires) life.

-Alan , Roy y Ruth from Canada
asked us for a gastronomy package tour , they got a special taste of ethnic and regional "cuisine" and we got a package tour for them to visit Patagonia.

-Ari, from Israel
took a spanish for foreigners course that helped him to make the most of his trip to Argentine.


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