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Hello, i'm Pablo Blacher and i'm BUENOS AIRES TRIP founder. Buenos Aires Trip's aim is to make you feel at home with a friendly welcome and guide.

Our venture was born as a response to a demand of a personalized service from our clients.We are offering more and more services according to touristic trends.

This is a great advantage since we don't have rigid fees and we adapt to our clients needs.

Buenos Aires in Argentina has become a city full of touristic attractions and we believe that there are many ways of getting to know our city.Almost in every neighbourhood you can find an area whitch offers some special kind of clothes , cultural , regional items , antiques or art objets .Buenos Aires lives day and night , we can help you find out what you like best regarding history , gastronomy , tourism and entertainment.

BUENOS AIRES TRIP staff are people who love Buenos Aires and enjoy working with you and for you and we want to share this passion for the city.

We learn a lot from our visitors from different cultures and have a friendly feeling of respect for them.

We also love travelling and we would like you profit from our experiences abroad.

We are above all , "staunch" porteños (natural of Buenos Aires) , and we have found our life style working while showing you around our be loved city .

You can contact us whenever you feel like doing so we will work out your best holidays.

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