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Everything you need while planning the trip to Buenos Aires , Argentina .

Buenos Aires night

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Accommodation service

Argentinean guest ranches

Tango ( show , lessons )


Extreme sports

Spa & Relax

Bike Tours & Rentals

Walking Tours

Walks and outings

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Ticket reservation service :

Sports :

You are a soccer fan and you won't like to miss your favourite sport an arriving at Buenos aires. Choose your sportive event and reserve your seat.

Suggested sports: Soccer , voley , tennis , automovilism , rugby , polo , turf , basketball , motonautic , and hockey. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Entertainment :

You like rock music and in Buenos Aires your favorite band is playing ; you love classical music , parties , raves , discos ; you love theater plays.

You can book your entrance ticket through us in advance. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Culture :

You love art and you would like to see your favorite painter's works. You are interested in the international book fair. You are a history expert and you would like to visit a museum.

Choose your visit and Reserve your entrance. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Accommodation service :

Would you like to stay in a hotel ,in an apart -hotel or in a hostel? Are you looking for a furnished apartment for rent ? Are you looking for a university residence? Are you looking host families?

BUENOS AIRES TRIP will help you find your best choice. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Rural Buenos Aires :Estancias (Argentinean guest ranches)

Would you like to spend a week-end in contact to nature , Buenos Aires trip offers several Argentine ESTANCIAS (countryside properties) to enjoy a day at the countryside or stay overnight .You can make horse riding , trekking , sulky rides , visits to places of tourist interest and taste a great "asado criollo" , creole barbecue and other typical dishes in old country houses equipped with all the comforts necessary to welcome guests from all over the world.

A traditional "Fiesta Gaucha" tour in the Pampas . Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


La Alameda ranch

You can´t deprive yourself of visiting a typical argentinean ranch, tasting empanadas and enjoying a creole barbeque, accompanied by exquisit argentinean wines. You will enjoy live folklore music, argentinean tango with dance show and a demonstration of gauchesco skills in a ring race, being able to horseback ride or ride a carriage (sulky) if you feel like it.

La Alameda Ranch is located just 120 km away from Capital Federal, on Chacomus Lake.

Duration: 9 Hour

Hour and days of departures: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 09:15 am

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Don Silvano ranch

Argentine ranches get turn us back in the time to revive the argentine ranches past and their traditions. Contacting with nature. Feeling protagonist of an ecosystem that works far away from time hours and races, out of the city vortex. Breathing pure air. Feeling the sun and wind on the cheeks.

Experiment the freedom sesation that provokes projecting a look towards the horizon and find just a rural landscape, where sement is not a “natural state” but an unknown word practicaly, nearly surrealist.

We’ll be abble to find all this and more at only 88 km. from buenos aires city ( just travelling one hour ) , where wait for you the incredible magic of don silvano’s ranch, a place to enjoy the argentine countriside immensity and the hospitality from our country-man.

The ranch (the principal building): An antique victorian style stately home. Lounge: 80 people capacity.

Restaurant: Arranged old stable for horses whose capacity is 500 people

Organic orchard:To consumption its products at the settlement.

Gauchesco museum: Inside the museum it is able to watch a big amount of implements and antique objects for the rural use and domestic jobs: carriajes, machinery and country implements, etc.

Coffee hause:Arranged from an old “matera”, (place where anciently the farm hands used to join together for drinking mate, argentine traditional beverage).

Bakery: Where bread is elaborated (artisanal way and baked into a mud stove), which will be eaten afterwards at the restaurant. Argentine traditional store-room: Its building is completely made in straw and mud.

On its shelves we can find every kind of regional products: honey, cheeses, sweets, mermelades, etc, (artisanaly elaborated at the ranch) and artisan objects like “mates”, knives, “ponchos”, bows and a big variety of ornament and souveirs.

Swiming-Pool :
We have recently inaugurated our swiming-pool at this uncomparable beautiful and calm place, as is the stage offered by the argentine ranch.

We have also a children games park, mini-farm, football, volley and “bochas” sports ground

To enjoy the “gaucha party” or "Fiesta Gaucha" that offers don silvano’s ranch is necessary to make reservations in time.


Small meat pie, wine and juices.
Visit to the installations: the museum, bakery, etc.
Public participation in cows milking.
Horses saddling demostration.
“cuadrera race”.


Grill: sausages, blood sausages, roasted meat ans its bones, roasted meat at chicken.
Salad: mixed salad and carrots and eggs salad.
Beverages: red and white wine, gaseous, water, soda-water.
Dessert: ice cream.
During the lunch folk singing and dances show.
The public participation in folk dances.

Carriages ride, tractor ride and horse back riding.

People into pouch race, axe man competition, short football and volley matches.
Rings race.


Boiled “mate” tea and traditional fried confection

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .




Dinner & tango - shows :

Madero Tango

Creators of great international successful shows in Broadway, Tokyo and Paris have brought "Tangorama" to be enjoyed at Madero Tango nights. A unique journey throughout tango colors,with life orchestra and more than 20 artists on stage distributed over a superb space. Madero Tango prepares the atmosphere for the show through the exclusive cuisine of typical dishes.Under the direction of Martiniano Molina, the best known chef in the country. An exclusive wine chart accompanies the food. You may enjoy, also, an insuperable sightseeing over Puerto Madero, the most prestigious quarter in Buenos Aires. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Located in San Telmo Neighborhood, a very well known Tango neighborhood. The place has got capacity for 120 people and a very good distribution of tables. It was founded by Beba Bidart, an actress and Tango singer; in the 80's and it was declared Touristic Interest by the Government of Buenos Aires. It features and orchestra with 4 musicians, 7 Tango couples of dancers and 3 wonderful singers among them Daniel Olivera. Its ambiance and special attention will give you and excellent option where to enjoy one of the most traditional Tango Shows in Buenos Aires. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Piazzolla Tango

Buenos Aires is the land where the roots of Tango were first planted. Piazzolla Tango, speaks to the soul of the people of Buenos Aires. Our Gallery responds to lovers of this urban, soulful music from the very beginnings up to the present, revitalized, modernized tango created by the famous Astor Piazzolla. Here at Piazzolla Tango, the visitor can feel the spirit of this city with its harmony, music, and dance, with its expression, and flavor, plus savor the many documented testimonies, friendships and good moments. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Esquina de Homero Manzi

Cuisine :

International class cuisine, prepared by our chef, with the presentation, flavours and aromas of the most exquisite dishes.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Wine Bar :

An exclusive place where wine fan can taste the best vintages and enjoy a gourmet culture. We offer a wide selection of quality wines and prices.

The show :

A musical show with TANGO as the main star. Our resident artists appear every day:

-3 couples of dancers.

-20 performers.

-4 musicians, members of the “El Desquite” quartet . Musical director: Erika Disalvo.

-2 singers, Patricia Lasala and Alberto de Solar.

Esquina Carlos Gardel

"Chanta Cuatro" opened its doors in 1893, as a two-floor restaurant and hotel. Among its premises, there was a "bochas" alley, a traditional game at that time, that originated the peculiar name of the place.

Today, more than 100 years later, "Esquina Carlos Gardel", located at the very same place where "Chanta Cuatro" once was, offers an inimitable -and insurmountable- alternative regarding Tango-restaurants.

A superb cuisine, an exquisitely decorated -Art Nouveau style- ambience, that exactly re-creates the sophistication of the most luxurious old-time dining rooms, last-generation technology equipment, top level artistic proposal, and a mystical atmosphere that will lead you to experiment an unforgettable night. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

El Querandi

Located next to San Telmo Neighborhood. It is one of the traditional Tango Shows, usually chosen by european visitors. Its decoration and ambiance will make you feel like if you were at one of the first bars of 1900's.

It features a capacity for 120 guests and an excellent gastronomy. The shows will let you see part of the Tango history and different Tango dancers that walk by the tables and are dressed up in costumes like in the Belle Epoque of beginning of the XX Century. You will also see the performance of 3 singers among them Mariano Mores's grandson. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


La Ventana

Located in the traditional San Telmo Neighborhood. It features a picturesque place and 2 orchestras among them, Juan D'arienzo's typical orchestra; directed by Carlos Lazzari (D'arienzo's concertino player). It offers a good gastronomy, a great Tango Show and also a Gaucho Show and a performance of Evita. Its international cuisine offers a variety of starters, exclusive argentinean barbecue, pastas, homemade breads and a variety of desserts. Drinks included: varietals wines from Norton Vineyard , sodas, mineral water. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Señor Tango

Located in Barracas Neighborhood, it is the biggest Tango Show in town (capacity for 1500 guests). The show is kind of Moulin Rouge with outstanding performances of artists and visual effects. Rounding up the show, the performance of Ernesto Franco and his orchestra shines on the stage with the strength and feeling of the traditional Tango, like in the old days when he was part of D'arienzo Orchestra; one of the most famous orchestras with the best Tango rythm in the gold era of the Tango. It offers a good cuisine and open bar of drinks. Wine, beer, sodas, etc. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

El Viejo Almacén

Edmundo Rivero turned it into "The temple of the Tango". The major exponents of this genre, as Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Roberto Goyeneche, among others, touched and sang under this roof. At present, Tango Dinners-Shows are realized the 7 days of the week, offering an excellent dinner, where the Argentine local dishes are included. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Sabor a Tango

Dinner :

SABOR A TANGO offers its guests a warm and relaxed ambiance in its great dining hall and its highest quality cuisine, worthy of the most demanding gourmet.

We kindly invite those who appreciate the pleasure of dining to enjoy a memorable evening of Tango.

A traditional bar, situated in the old waiting room will welcome you with the best international cocktails. You will also find a comfortable space to enjoy your favorite cigar.

SABOR A TANGO has prepared a special menu for you, one as special as our dedicated service and our delicious meals, all authentically Argentine.

TANGO Show :

Every night our Great Dining Hall proudly hosts guests from all over the world. All through the years, SABOR A TANGO has risen up the curtains for more than 3,000 shows, each one of them unique and exceptional. Our guests never fail to be dazzled by the professionalism and craft our artist show on scene.

It is our great pride to know that each night, these marvelous artists give their all for two hours in order to provide a wonderful experience for our guests.

After dinner, at 10.15 PM sharp, the SABOR A TANGO stage becomes song, music and dance.

• 1.45 hour show
• Singers (male and female singers)
• Three internationally renowned dance couples
• Guest singers
• Bandoneon soloists
• Gaucho music and Argentine Folk ballet
• Music from the high plateaus of the North
• Tango Orchestra

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Che Tango

In the heart of La Boca, with the river as a natural stage, a few meters to Caminito and Puerto Madero, with the most beautiful setting in the world, situated in the only building in its structure and giving a show at the level of the Music-Halls of the most important cities; Che Tango, a "mirror" of Buenos Aires. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Boca Tango

Boca Tango offers a complete 3-hr program that includes lunch or dinner in a country style restaurant, for a taste of the best local meals; a stroll along a barrio with a stage play that recreates the lifestyle of conventillo dwellers; a vintage café; a wine cellar; a spectacular tango show and a safe shopping area. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


From excavations performed in its cellars,the usages of the colonial time can be reconstructed.The shows recreate the tango’s history, from its origins to Piazzola and Mores, two of the most modern “tangueros”.A marvellous ballet, a lived orchestra and the voice of the singers make of these shows one of the best musicals in the world. The dishes served here fill the senses with the passion for tango, and are accompanied by an important collection of wines, kept in the historical cellars. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Tango lessons at piazzolla tango:

Group lessons: Schedule: 01:00 PM and 8:30 PM

Individual lessons: (start at 1:00 PM)

Reduced groups lessons:(up to 6 people)

Group lessons: 1.15hr -long . Special lessons 1 hr-long

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Milonga experience:

Duration: 3 Hours

We'll visit "Milongas-tango clubs" in town while exploring the city that gave birth to tango. Your host, tour leader will guide you through the city and will introduce you to what makes argentine tango a sublime expression of art. As you immerse in the very essence of this beautiful city, you will sense the spirit of tango on every street corner. We together as a group will explore places and neighborhoods no accessible to many foreign visitors.

Milongas to visit:







And other options.

Observations: It includes visit guide,transfer and MILONGA ticket.Not included drinks. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Dinner-folklore gaucho show:

Opera Pampa

An exciting show. The gaucho's epic adventure and his traditions:

From the arrival of the horse in the Americas until the birht of the nation. 50 dancemen and horsemen onstage. The most dazzlling and colorful Argentina dances renewd and with splendid coreographies. Splendid horses, different breeds. Amazing light and sound effects; fireworks.

After the show you may tray the famous Argentina beef and discover its rich, tender taste. The beef is grilled in a typical gaucho barbecue pit.

But that is not all, after the show, you can visit a fine winery where the best Argentine wines are made. You may taste this wines over dinner or buy them in gift-wrapped boxes or cases.

Included: Transfer, ticket show and Welcome with empanadas and wines + Show + Dinner

Shows: From Thursdays to Saturdays . Consult us at
info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Extreme sports :

With this sports you can take curses or train in buenos aires and and surroundings areas.

Balloon Rides ::

Touch with your own hands the Buenos Aires Pampa´s with a proffesional pilot.Unique experience flying over the most productive fiels of Buenos Aires.At one hour of Capital federal feel the experience.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Heli Tours :

Helicopter Tours above Buenos Aires City and the Delta del Tigre.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Hang gliding :

Tandem flight: your first flight with an instructor so that you can experience.Introductory flight in a hang glider (with Video Film and tansfers included .

Start-to-finish, allow three hours on weekdays or half a day on weekends.

Duration 20 minutes minimum.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

horseback excursions :

Breathtaking rides through Argentina`s pampas.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Kayak tours in delta (tigre) :

Enjoy the rivers,its islands and nature of the Delta.We will sailing in kayaks through small streams,and we will enjoy the river and colours of the nature of the delta.Accompanied by a specialist in kayak tours.Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Others extreme sports :

-Bike tours



-Kite surf

-Surfe Bungy


-Wake board


-Sport climbing


-Sailing and yachting tours



-Rappel and pull-fly




Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Spa & Relax :

Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of Spas. You can also find hoteles that provide spa services. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Aquae Sulis Spa Resort (Lobos)

Aquae Sulis Spa has 4500 m2 designed with colors and materials completely integrated with nature. Surrounded by the quietness of fields, within the 20.000 m2 of gardens, you will find your ideal space to stimulate concentration and creativity for your work, or simply enjoy a moment of relax or entertainment.

Between early breakfast and late 5 o´clock tea with delicious home made pattisserie, you will be able to enjoy preferences that will be prepared by our chef, or simply select the standard menu.

Different categories of rooms, including suites with 45 m2 with hydros, frigobar and comfortable sommiers, can be chosen at an international level.The building has seven spaces that have been prepared for presentations, meetings, or workshops… We will be delighted to have you as our guest and you will see there are only a few words to describe this place. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Los Cuatro Amaneceres Health Spa(mercedes)

Is the only destination spa close to Buenos Aires. Located on 30 pristine hectares in Mercedes County – Province of Buenos Aires, this all-inclusive resort offers health enhancing services for both women and men in a nurturing environment.

Included in Los Cuatro Amaneceres Health Spa rates are four healthful meals daily, complete use of spa facilities, participation in scheduled activities and a wonderful one hour massage. Our establishment prides itself on natural state-of-the-art facilities; a highly trained staff and a wide range of programs dedicated to the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Facilities at Los Cuatro Amaneceres include a yoga and tai-chi gym, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, steam room, individual massage rooms, and comfortable relax room. Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation classes, suitable for both beginners and advanced students, take place daily in this bucolic sanctuary featuring natural woods, surrounded by the Pampas astonishing colours, birds songs and stable climate. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Posada de los Pajaros (Tandil)

This Hotel SPA was the first of its kind built on 50 hectares of land surrounded by magnificant hills. Each of the 17 spacious rooms has a wonderful view of the rolling landscape with 14 of those rooms containing a private balcony. The massage sessions are the perfect way to shut out the cold winds and city stress.

The sauna desolves the smog and comforts the soul. The spas cuisine quickly reconciles one to the allure of the table. You can come for a healthy diet week or to recover your energy or to devour the wonderful breakfast down to the last home baked rool. Choose a wonderful wine at night and have a cup of coffee by the fireplace. You can take your pick or enjoy them all. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Rumbo 90 Delta & Lodge Spa (Tigre)

General facilities: Relax & spa therapies. Tree shaded park with natural walkways, heated swimming pool and jacuzzi. Restaurant. Living-room with Home Theatre. Private mooring facilities

Room facilities: There are double rooms with king size sommiers, private deck with deckchairs and hand showers, bathroom with jacuzzi, ceiling fan, air conditioning, heating, frigobar and electric coffee maker, Internet access, satellite TV and safe-deposit box. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .

Other recomended spas

-Torres de Manantiales Apart Hotel (Mar del Plata)

-Posada de los Pajaros (Tandil)

-Little Ranch Hotel & Spa (Del Viso)

-Los Cuatro Amaneceres (Mercedes)

-Hotel & Spa Howard Johnson San Pedro (San Pedro)

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Bike tours & rentals :

Meet the charm of Buenos Aires in a different way, watching the city from other perspective. Our tours last around 4 hours and on each excursion we will provide all the necessary equipment, including bikes, safety items - helmets and buoys, food,alfajor,mate and drinks.

We believe a bike is the best way to tour around this city. Its moderated speed will allow you to sightsee and appreciate each place. And also bike through paths not accessible by cars. Join us to this unforgettable experience.

We are looking forward to you!.We boast some different tours which show a variety of traditional sceneries from the city and other ones out of the common tourist route. You will feel the strong social and cultural privacy from this metropolitan city, its sounds, its smells, and its amazing rhythms, all without physical ever exemption. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


Retiro, Parque Thays, Barrio Parque, Palermo Viejo, Jardín Botánico, Recoleta (Cementerio).
Duration: 4.30 hs

Puerto Madero, Reserva Ecológica, La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo.
Duration: 4.30 hs

Plaza San Martín, Puerto Madero, Costanera Sur, San Telmo, Recoleta.
Duration: 4 hs

La Lucila, Río de La Plata, Quinta Pueyrredón, Martínez, San Isidro, San Fernando, Mercado de Frutos, Tigre.
Duration: 6.30 hs.

We have other tours Buenos Aires industrial,Cañitas and Belgrano,San antonio de Areco and Baradero. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


You can find for rent different bikes and models

We have mountain bikes and beach cruisers.

The hiring includes:

bike and helmet (both for all sizes), light and lock.

The length period of the hiring:

three hours, the whole day or a complete week.

Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .


The original inside buenos aires walking tours :

The best way to see Buenos Aires is on FOOT.

Insider guides give you a great insight into Buenos Aires lifestyle, history, culture and traditions. Full of good tips to explore the city.

Either if you have special interests, or if you want to quickly check mark the places suggested in your travel guide book, or simply if you want to avoid time wasting bus tours, we will be your best choice.

The tours described below are only suggestions, the possibilities are countless. Depending on your hotel location you can ask to be picked up at no cost.

Tours combine walking and public transportation because this is the way to go in Buenos Aires.Tours are conducted in English , Spanish. and Portuguese.Guides in other languages can be added.

This is simply some of the interestings places you might like to explore :

Obelisk, The monument is one of the meeting points in the city used for political manifestations and celebrations of sports achievements.Although rejected at the beginning, the Obelisk is today one of the architectonical symbols of Buenos Aires city.

Plaza de Mayo, Today, this square still concentrates all social demonstrations. At present, in the center of the square, we can admire the Pyramid of May, monument erected to commemorate the first anniversary of the May Revolution of 1810.

SanTelmo, The most historic and “tanguero” Buenos Aires neighborhood.

La Boca, The traditional neiborhood of La Boca hosts the history of immigrants, who arrived to the port of Buenos Aires to settle at the conventillos, which nowadays have become colorful art studios.

Boca juniors stadium, This stadium is popularly known "La Bombonera" (The Chocolate Box) due to its shape and because of the superimposed floors which resemble a box of chocolates. It belongs to one of the two more popular clubs of the Argentine Republic where Diego Maradona consecrated as the best Argentinean footballer

Recoleta Cemetery, The cemetery where we can found Eva Peron tomb and all of the legends of Buenos Aires history.

Colon theatre, The Teatro Colón is regarded as one of the greatest opera houses in the world and is an essential visit, even for those not usually interested in classical music.

Av. de Mayo (May Avenue), Avenida de Mayo opened in 1894 and was meant to be the Gran Via or Champs-Elysées of Buenos Aires. The design of the street was part of an even grander plan to rebuild Buenos Aires in preparation for the 1910 Independence Centennial and to declare to the world that Buenos Aires was a city to be reckoned with.

Evita Peron museum, The Museo Evita tells the life story of Eva Perón using a mixture of personal artefacts, dresses, photographs and audiovisual displays.

Carlos Gardel museum, This museum rescues, conserves, exhibits and divulges the work of the fabulous singer Carlos Gardel and the goods of the citizen cultural heritage.

Walking tour example for one day :

We’ll show you the main attractions that the city has to offer: 9 de Julio Avenue and the Obelisc, symbol of our city, Plaza de Mayo and the Government House, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cabildo.

We’ll drive along the old Avenida de Mayo up to the Congress Square, we’ll visit the area of San Telmo, famous for its tango places and antiques, the picturesque quarter of La Boca, the traditional Palermo and the elegant area of La Recoleta, with its famous park and cemetery.

Please make a reservation with preferibly ten days advance notice by emailing Pablo Blacher at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar State the specific walk you're interested in, as well as the day & start time you would like. Once the reservation is made, that particular tour is locked in for that date. Buenos Aires trip does only one tour per day in order to provide the best experience possible.

Options :

1. South Buenos Aires circuit : Old city and south areas circuit (Puerto Madero, La Boca, San Telmo ,Monserrat ,Barracas)

Puerto Madero: It is the city’s latest architectural tendency. It is a river strip, with old docks (huge sheds used in the past for storing cargoes brought by ships reaching the port). These were recycled to become elegant offices and luxurious restaurants.

Sites of interest: (Ship Museum and Frigate Sarmiento,The Bridge of the Woman , casino, Ecologic Reserve, Museum of the Immigration, Puerto Madero Yacht Club , opera bay, Ship Museum and Corvette Uruguay).

Barracas: The name comes from the word "barraca", which means a precarious construction, made out of very simple materials.In the beginning and during the past century Barracas was the area chosen by the wealthiest families of Argentina. But the epidemic of yellow fever made everyone move to other places, transforming it completely.

Something similar took place in San Telmo. Immigrants of varied types started to populate the area, but especially Italians, and it turned into the neighborhood of the working class. It got full of "cafetines"(small coffee houses) with a bad reputation, which were places for all kinds of crooks to hide. In spite of that, it was still a prosperous area of Buenos Aires with factories, markets and highways.

Sites of interest: (Lanín Street covered with murals, Santa Felicitas church, ferroviario Neighborhood , Colombia square, the abandoned factories)

La boca: It was the first port of Buenos Aires City. The neighborhood was seat of immigrants, mainly native Genoeses, who arrived between 1880 and 1930. Among the most outstanding places in the area you ll find the Museum Street "Caminito".We also suggest enjoying the peculiarity of the place sitting at a bar, appreciating the metal sheet houses painted with different colors, that inspired poets and painters. On weekends, thousand of tourists go around the neighborhood that displays street shows, handicrafts exhibits and different attractions.

Sites of interest: (Caminito Street-Museum, Boca Junior Stadium and boca juniors museum, wax museum, proa foundation, Quinquela Martin museum, vuelta de Rocha, Banchero pizzeria ,The yellow house ,De la Ribera theatre, Old Ferry Bridge)

Monserrat: Foundational core of Buenos Aires.This was the first "barrio" and it got it´s name in tribute to Nuestra Señora De Montserrat. It was also called "Barrio del Tambor"(neighborhoof of the Drum), because ofthe drums played by balck people on the area. Different groups were formed called: Cabunda,Banguela, Mondongo y Angola. Although black people are gone from the country, they left the memory of their cheerful carnivals, where they would dance their "Candombes".

Sites of interest: (Plaza de Mayo, Government House or Pink House, Metropolitan Cathedral, cabildo, Ávila Bookshop, Pharmacy La Estrella, Museum of the City, Block of the Lights, San Ignacio Church , Church and Convent of San Francisco, La Puerto Rico Café)

San Telmo: The charm of cobblestone streets is preserved in San Telmo, the oldest neighbourhood in the city. The first immigrant families settled here in colonial-style houses. Every Sunday, Dorrego Place, which is 10 blocks from the Plaza de Mayo, hosts an antique flea market, where you can find old records, glasses, porcelain, silver spoons and clothes. Antique stores, the tango street performers and the restaurants and bars located around the square add to the area's attractiveness.

Sites of interest: (Dorrego Square and its fair of antiques , San Telmo market , Argentine Penitentiary Museum ‘Antonio Ballvé’, School of Engineering ,The Minimum House, Danish Church, Nuestra Señora de Belén Church - San Pedro Telmo Parish , Lezama square, Historical National Museum, Gastronomic Area, La Defensa Alley , Russian Orthodox Church of The Sacred Trinity , Santiago de Liniers house).

2. North Buenos Aires circuit : North Buenos Aires and downtown circuit (Avenida de Mayo, Avenida Corrientes, Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo Chico, Palermo, Palermo Hollywood, Costanera Norte, Belgrano)

Av de Mayo: De Mayo Avenue links the Executive (Casa Rosada) and the Legislative (Congress) Powers of the Argentinean Republic and it also connects the two of its main squares: De Mayo and Congress Square. The avenue is full of platane trees which gives it a special look in the autumn and the spring. The journey between "Plaza de Mayo" and "Plaza del Congresso" preserves some of the best city attractions.Avenida de Mayo opened in 1894 and was meant to be the Gran Via or Champs-Elysées of Buenos Aires. The design of the street was part of an even grander plan to rebuild Buenos Aires in preparation for the 1910 Independence Centennial and to declare to the world that Buenos Aires was a city to be reckoned with.

Sites of interest: (Congress of the Nation, Tortoni Cafe , Headquarters of Buenos Aires City Government , Avenida theatre, el cabildo, Tango museum, Barolo Building)

Av Corrientes: Corrientes Avenue is the city's cultural centre. Lining its sidewalks are most of Buenos Aires' theatres, restaurants, pubs, bookshops and much else, including CD stores that specialise in tango music.

Sites of interest: (Paseo la plaza, Luna Park Stadium, General San Martín Theatre, Post Office Palace, tango corner, la Giralda Cafe)

Palermo Hollywood: In the heart of one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, as is Palermo, emerge paradoxically this sector where art and the porteña night life coexist. Known as Palermo Hollywood, because of the tv channels and producers that are located here, is the centre of the artistic movement., Palermo Hollywood still an unexplored area for many travellers, is the trendiest spot to see the latest local designers' shops for clothes and furniture, and to sample the newest restaurants.

Sites of interest: (Julio Cortazar square, bars, restorants,design shops and artesanies, events center La Rural, Italia square, TV and cinema studios, producers and radios ,Evita museum, Santa Fe avenue and shops, Alto Palermo shopping mall)

Recoleta: Some people say this area is "a piece extracted from Paris" Recoleta was named after the ancient monastery of Recoletos monks. Nowadays, this is a very luxurious and exclusive zone of exquisite architecture, surrounded by elegant restaurants, nightclubs, traditional cafes, beautiful parks, shopping malls and cultural centres.

Sites of interest: (La Recoleta Cementery, National Library, National Museum of Fine Arts, Francia Square, palais de glace, Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basílica, Gastronomic Area, La Biela Cafe, Recoleta Cultural Center, Alvear avenue and Alvear hotel , School of Law, patio Bulrich shopping mall, Village Recoleta complex, Buenos Aires design, Duhau palace )

Retiro: The first inhabitants named this neighbourhood after a hermit where spiritual retreats were carried out. Later, its name was also related to the huge train station that operates in the place, from where one could travel to the different points of the country. At present, Retiro brings together one of the city’s largest squares, luxurious hotels and numerous office buildings. It is a neighbourhood in constant growth and evolution. Retiro has a bus station with buses running to the rest of the country, and trains and buses to the different zones in Buenos Aires.Today, it has intelligent buildings that draw together the offices of the most important multinational companies in the country.

Sites of interest: (Pacífico Galleries shopping mall, National Museum of the Weapons, Retiro Railway Station and bus station, San Martin square , Florida street, San Martin palace , New building of the Chancellor Office, Military Circle (Paz Palace), Santa Catalina de Siena monastery , Santísimo Sacramento Basilica , Monumental Tower (ex The English Tower)

Belgrano: Belgrano is one of the most refined and residential areas in Buenos Aires.The railroad sets the border between Palermo and Belgrano, classy area of the medium-high class.Pretty much like the rest of the places to the north of the city.There are many old and important houses in Belgrano, most of them typical constructions from the end of the last century.Nevertheless, this place has also being chosen to build modern, sophisticated, confortable and in some cases flat out spectacular buildings. Belgrano is a place with a lot of culture, tradition and history.

Sites of interest: (Barrio Asiático Chinatown Belgrano with its supermarkets, restaurants, bookshops, pharmacies, medicinal herb shops, record shops, travel agencies, shoe stores, acupunture centres and mini markets with a variety of Chinese, Korean and Japanese products. ;The Belgrano Barrancas or River Banks, Palermo park, River Plate stadium ,The Church of the Immaculate Conception, The Sarmiento History Museum, Municipal Museum of Spanish Art Enrique Larreta , Argentine Racecourse, golf club municipal, The Rogelio Yrurtia Mansion Museum)

Palermo Chico: Across Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, between San Martín de Tours and Tagle streets, Palermo Chico ("Small" or "Exclusive" Palermo) is the most upmarket part of Palermo. The Buenos Aires Museum of Decorative Arts is located in Palermo Chico, in a dazzling old palatial home. Neighbouring Barrio Parque is strictly a residential area, laid out in winding streets by Charles Thays; many of the wealthy and famous own homes there. Once a quarter full of splendid mansions set in broad private parks, many luxury condominiums and apartment houses are now to be seen. MALBA the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires, is located between Barrio Parque and the Paseo Alcorta shopping centre.

Sites of interest: (TV Channel 7, Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires , National Museum of Decorative Art, Alcorta Palace, paseo Alcorta shopping mall ,Barrio Parque, Victoria Ocampo’s House and Embassy of Belgium).

Costanera Norte (1) and Palermo (2): It is located along Av. Rafael Obligado. It has recreational complexes that offer varied gastronomy and, among other sports, tennis, swimming, golf, basketball, soccer, windsurf and sailing.(1) is one of the largest areas in Buenos Aires. Going to Palermo, is with out a doubt going to its forests, gardens and lakes. It is the largest green area in all of Buenos Aires, and probably one of the largest in many cities of the world, comparable, with the High Park of London or the famous Bois de Boulogne in Paris.Among the attracts are a pleasant rose garden filled with sculptures, polo fields, and the Japanese Garden.(2)

Sites of interest: (Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo, Argentinean Horse Polo Fields ,Botanic Garden ,Japanese Garden .Tres de Febrero Park or Palermo Woods , Buenos Aires Zoo , Italia park. , Grand Bourg park ,Costanera Norte ,Paseo de la Infanta ,Germany park , Pulgas market ,Used Book Fair in Santa Fe Square , Las Cañitas.,Eduardo Sívori museum of plastic arts ,Regiment of Horseback Grenadiers , José Hernández museum of argentine motifs , Islamic Cultural Center King Fahd , Galileo Galilei Planetarium ,Gastronomic Area ,holy land ,sports complex ,swimming pools complex ,discotheques ,River Plate , local airport ,aeronautic museum ,The lakes ,Argentine Rural Society)

3. Buenos Aires circuit & the river : North Buenos Aires (Tigre,San Isidro)

Tigre: Tigre is situated 32km North from Buenos Aires city. This riverside destination offers worthwhile attractions and it is the departing point to explore the Paraná River Delta, one of the most charming and picturesque places of Argentina.The Delta of Tigre owns an amazing landscape. Winding rivers and streams surround hundreds of islands which create the setting for an unforgettable holiday time.

Sites of interest: (coast train, boat tour, fruit market port, Victorica promenade, casino, park of the coast, Sarmiento museum, naval museum, parana delta river,Tigre Club-museum of art)

San isidro and north area: Is a partido of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina found in the north of Greater Buenos Aires. Its capital is the city of San Isidro. It is 20 km from the city of Buenos Aires.The founder of San Isidro city was Domingo de Acassuso, who built a cathedral in 1706 dedicated to San Isidro Labrador, having seen him in a dream.San Isidro is a predominantly residential area. It has calmed and irregular streets shaded by huge groves; its houses display the most diverse styles: Norman, Californian, and buildings of French or rather of colonial features, all of them adorned with beautiful gardens. The city as a whole shows the image of an elegant and sumptuous locality.There are numerous shops, important galleries and shopping malls in downtown San Isidro, as well as lavish discotheques and sweetshops that cheer its nightlife. It is the seat of important sport institutions that promote the practice of nautical sports and rugby, amongst others.To walk across green spaces or under aged groves, and to enjoy the calmness offered by Rio de la Plata, as well as to be part of, or simply watch, the old traditions of its inhabitants, are some of the attractions you can find in San Isidro.

Sites of interest: (Mitre Square and the traditional Artisan's Fair , San isidro station of coast train, manors and villas area , Anchorena family house, rugby museum, Municipal Historical Archives , Los Ombúes" and "Tres Naranjos" manors, and the "3 Ombúes" Terrace, San Isidro Cathedral, Municipal Museum, San Isidro Athletic Club ,San Isidro Hippodrome, river coast area, Riverside Parks, the Municipal Nature Reserve ,nautical area, shops, restaurants and coffee shops area)

4. Road of gauchos in Buenos Aires : Feria de Mataderos fair market

Mataderos: Is a pretty large area and very populated, it stands out for it´s mixture between city and rural areas, of apartment buildings and low houses. Even today, who ever wants to see a genuine "Payada" (improvised poetry) in Buenos Aires can do so here, where this tradition is kept alive like in no other "barrio". classes. In terms of gathering people, Mataderos always had an important role, especially on times when politics were shaky. This was because leaders of industrial establishments of the area had great power to gather the crowds. Today, it still has the profile of an industrial area.

Sites of interest: (Mataderos Fair , National Market of Cattle of Liniers)


5. Road of Carlos Gardel in the Abasto Area : Abasto

Abasto: Abasto has a direct association with shopping, Carlos Gardel, the old market and to an old round revival that is visible now more than ever. The area of Abasto keeps a good portion of Buenos Aires history. Abasto has always been hooked with the old "Mercado Central de frutas y verduras" (Central Market of fruits and vegetables). When it was inaugurated in 1893 a whole new area grew around it, mainly populated by immigrants. The place was full of "conventillos", canteens and theatres who’s greatest celebrity to ever grace them was "El Morocho del Abasto" : Carlos Gardel.By the end of 1998, the old buildings that once was the Central Market, was re-opened as a shopping mall, know as the Abasto de Buenos Aires . In order to keep its historical value, all of its exterior was kept intact.The surrounding area was also incorporated into the whole restoration project, huge apartment buildings where constructed, a hotel of international quality, a supermarket and a restaurant dedicated to Tango. The pedestrian street Carlos Gardel was also inaugurated with a monument to the singer. This was one of the first measures taken in order to turn Abasto into a tourist attraction of Buenos Aires, dedicated to Tango. The legendary area of Abasto, cradle for tango and main witness of Buenos Aires history, is one of the sites chosen by tourists to breath and know something about Tango. Here it is possible to visit the pedestrian street with the name of the now legendary singer. The corner in which "El Morocho del Abasto" began to sing his first "milongas" is a popular site in Buenos Aires.

Sites of interest: (Shopping mall - Abasto market , Carlos Gardel Alley,bar el progreso, Chanta Cuatro Old Bar, Zelaya Alley, Luca Prodan’s house,The Alley of the Fillets, Carlos Gardel House Museum, Aníbal Troilo’s Native House, once town to buy textils products, toys and bijouteries.)

And much more...

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Activities :

Notable bars
( Traditional, alternative, outstanding, entertainment, sports, literary bars.Among the oldest bars, you may find Tortoni and 36 Billares in Avenida de Mayo; La Giralda and La Paz in Avenida Corrientes; the Británico bar in Parque Lezama; Las Violetas in the corner of Medrano and Rivadavia; La Biela in Recoleta neighborhood and La Academia in the corner of Callao and Corrientes. )

Museums (Buenos Aires offers their people and the tourists important museums of national and international art as well as football museums, shoes museums, puppets museums, costumes museums, among others, the most popular museums in Buenos Aires are ; Malba-Buenos Aires museum of latin american art,museum of fine arts, national museum of decorative art, museum of the tango ,Museum of the Immigration ,Carlos Gardel House Museum ,Evita museum ,boca juniors museum ,National Museum of the Weapons ,naval museum ,spanish art museum ,national historic museum ,natural sciencies museum ,museum of spanish american art,museum of the casa rosada ,Quinquela Martin ,Cabildo museum , aeronautical museum ,cinematography museum ,clothing, museum , interactive museum sciencies ,caricature museum foundation ,railroad museum ,xul solar ,car museum ,Borges cultural center and much more...!).

Temathic parks (Holy land - religious , Temayken - Zoo Park and park of the coast - Modern amusement park by the river)

Parks (Japanese Garden , Botanic Garden ,the rosedal , 3 de Febrero park -green lung” of the city , squares of Buenos Aires , Lezama park, Francia square, natural park, ecologic reservoir)

Theaters (General San Martín Theatre, Colón Theatre and Nacional Cervantes Theatre,coliseo theatre-officials);( Lola Membrives, Nacional, Astral, Complejo Teatral La Plaza, Metropolitan, Ópera-commercials);( El camarín de las musas, Espacio Callejón, Abasto Social Club, Callejón de los deseos, La carbonera, Celcit, el Piccolino, Chacarerean Theatre, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación-teatro independents

Shopping (Fairs, shoppings mall,outlets , BARGAINS ,antiques in San Telmo,books in Corrientes Avenue, leather items in Retiro neighborhood ,souvenires in la boca ,tango shoes and accesories in the Abasto and the avant-garde in objects , clothes and decorative elements is in Palermo Viejo neighborhood)

Nature (Ecologic reservoir , Parana delta river, north costanera and south San Isidro coast)

Tango (Carlos Gardel House Museum, San Juan and Boedo corner, tango museums, tanguerias, national academy of tango)

Evita (Evita museum, Eva peron tomb in recoleta cemetery, ex Eva Perón foundation, General Trade Union, Evita square)

Soccer (Boca Juniors stadium, stadium tour and museum, River Plate stadium, thematic soccer bar)

Classical music (Colon theatre)

Children (Marionette street, planetarium, Buenos Aires zoo, children museum of Abasto, educational farm, chocolat farm)

Book shops (Corrientes, Santa Fe or Juramento avenues and the shopping malls hold important bookstores offering the latest editions and plenty of material of tourist interest: photography books and tango deluxe editions;For rare volumes, first editions, antiquarian or sold-out books, manuscripts and foreign language books you should go to the bookstores on Avenida de Mayo, the new circuit of San Telmo and the old bookstores on Corrientes avenue, between Callao and 9 de Julio avenues;For those who prefer to get low-cost, second-hand, and rare books, the book fairs- mainly Parque Centenario, Parque Rivadavia, Plaza Lavalle, and Plaza Italia- are an excellent option to find interesting reads. recommended libreria de Avila and libreria el ateneo -ex theatre)

Art (Museum of fine arts; Xul Solar museum ; Malba-Buenos Aires museum of latin american art (Colección Costantini collection)

Sports (Hippodrome, Argentinean Horse Polo Fields , Buenos Aires lawn tenis , Luna Park stadium, Sarmiento park, Costanera complex, clubs and sports complex)

Fairs ( Mercado de las Luces- art, jewelry, silvery, rare minerals, gifts and many other articles. , Plaza Francia- hanscrafts and shows , Feria de la Baulera-Objects, antiques, clothes, miscelaneous, glasses and petit furniture , Mercado de Pulgas - handcrafts and curiosities , Paseo de la Ribera - Antiquaries and regional products , fair of crafs and Argentine popular traditions in Mataderos-The market offers traditional crafts, both Creole and Indian, done in wood, silver, fabric and pottery. There are folk music shows and "destreza criolla" exhibitions.

In the Recova, regional dishes, such as empanadas, locro, alfajores and fried cakes are served., The Fair of San Pedro Telmo -Furniture, clothes, porcelains, musical instruments, and all kind of antiques., The Street-Museum Caminito, where 62 plastic artists exhibit their work in the open air,Paseo de los Artesanos-Regional and urban crafts at convenient prices but varied quality. )

Must- see places (The minute house, obelisco, house of culture, Kavanagh building,Olivos yacht club, Boca Juniors match , Recoleta and San Telmo fair in sunday , abuelas de plaza de Mayo bar).

Religion ( Metropolitan Cathedral, Islamic Cultural Center King Fahd , holly land, Russian Orthodox Church of The Sacred Trinity ).

Casinos (floating casino Puerto Madero ,Trilenium Casino of Tigre)

Gastronomic areas (Costanera-barbecue ; Puerto Madero-touristic-sophisticated-elegant; Palermo Hollywood-innovative,etnical-live music;las Cañitas-informal-fashion ; Recoleta-touristic.)

Cultural centers (San Martín cultural center, Recoleta cultural center, konex,Ricardo Rojas)

Night (Concerts, festivals, theater, cinema, cafés. Milonga and tango houses. Pubs, discos and Bowling. Night activities in Buenos Aires are long lasting.)

Folklore (Peñas - folclorik shows and visit the pampas and know gaucho traditions)

Walking Tours around Buenos Aires (San antonio de areco, Baradero, Lujan, La Plata, Mar Del Plata,Chascomus)

Festivals (Consult whats on in page)

Music (Bars and tango shows , folklore, celtic music, clasical, rock, jazz, brasilian music, electronic music, salsa and country)

And much more...

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Walks and outings :

There is a great variety of them to get to know Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

suggested tours:

-Classical Buenos Aires (Visiting La Boca , San telmo, Puerto Madero y Recoleta)

-Buenos Aires neighborhoods , visiting Tigre , Parque Temayken , Tierra santa , museo de Evita y and many other options.

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Others destinations :

We can help you make a personalized way of visiting other Argentine provinces.

Suggested destinations : Mendoza , Bariloche , Ushuaia , Cordoba , Salta , Calafate , Cataratas del Iguazú , Patagonia. Consult us at info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar .



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